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AGREST is an idea. An idea to create things that are useful, well made and outstanding thanks to their own unique style. This idea had been maturing within us for a couple of years until finally we decided to put it into action.

Since the very beginning, it has been clear for us that we do not wish to create a brand based on outsourcing. We have always had a craftsmanship approach to our initiative. We wanted to have our own space and our own tools to create well designed and high quality products. We do not accept compromises as far as quality, materials and design are concerned.

By putting into the project all available resources, we opened our Workhop.

Obviously our own production, which allows us a comfort of free creation, at the same time generates a long list of challenges that we had to tackle. We were not prepared for all of them – as we did not have an extensive experience in the industry, we stumbled every couple of steps. 

We were often forced to “stitch up” our dream initiative by taking advantage of our vast life experience but, despite all of this, we pushed on! This attitude, combined with our huge determination, turned out to be a successful approach. Today, three years since we set up our company, we may admit with satisfaction that we have developed a wide range of well designed products, we have created a great team of proven and tested employees who have at their disposal a professionally equipped sewing workshop – to which we always invite our customers to come and visit us.








The founder of our brand and a man of many talents. A retired climber ;)

In our company, he is responsible for Creation and Production. In the workshop, that he created and equipped by himself, he single-handedly performs several full-time jobs.

He is in charge of coordinating the whole production process and is actively involved in it.

All clothes that we produce have been initially envisioned, designed and cut by him.

He selects and tests materials and accessories.

When necessary, he sits down at a sewing machine and finishes products.

Moreover, he is the best at consulting and serving even the most demanding customers.

Occasionally, he grabs his smartphone to communicate with our customers via social networks.

No wonder – after all, he’s a perfectionist.

Generally speaking, without Ges there would be nothing :)



Similarly to other applicants, Beata looked at us as if we were mad when we unfolded in front of her our grand visions during her job interview. Nevertheless, she was the only one that put her trust in us by declaring that our project seemed interesting enough and that she was ready to help us. And she has been a great help to us indeed!

Her colossal, almost 40-years-long, experience in the industry, a designing instinct and an urge to create beautiful and functional things soon helped us to turn our visions into action. Thanks to her skills, soon we had our first prototypes ready. Today Beata is a firm pillar of our workshop and together with Ges they create a great designer team.



By profession she is an Apparel Technology Expert. She has been professionally involved in clothes production since 2012. She joined our team at the stage of creating our first products. Since the very beginning, she has filled our workshop with her inexhaustible energy and so it remains till this day. Her versatility, vibrancy and precision provide invaluable support for our team.

Tailoring is her passion. Even after a hard long day of sewing Agrest products, she often still feels unfulfilled and she sits down at her home sewing machine and makes some piece of clothing for herself. 



She joined our team in 2022. A qualified seamstress with over 20 years of experience on the job which she gained while working in her home town Kharkiv, Ukraine. Her versatility and openness helped her to find her place in our workshop really fast and we hope that she will stay with us for a longer period of time.



She is a co-creator of the brand and, together with Ges, she manages the company. A retired dancer ;)

Barbara is in charge of the office and all the paperwork. She’s responsible for our online shop and international contacts. She answers your e-mails and tends to contacts with our business partners.

Luckily for her, she rarely visits our workshop – tedious craftsmanship activities are not really her thing. The only production that Barbara is ready to undertake is the production of our brand tincture called Agestówka.




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