Wadim is a representative of the young generation of climbers, associated in the SAKWA Climbing Club, who in recent years have become renowned for their numerous ambitious first ascents and repetitions.

Apart from his mountain activity, Wadim is also widely known as an organiser of climbing rave parties during which he often stands behind the decks.

My climbing ‘career’ started in Katowice where I was born. I made my first climbing steps at a local climbing gym called Transformator, though my love for rock climbing had started much earlier during family outings to crags of the Northern Polish Jura. After that, things just moved on naturally. Adventure is what attracts me most in climbing, so it shouldn’t be surprising that in my early days of climbing I often cycled to “new” crags of the Northern Polish Jura, slept in a tent near the rocks and attempted the most original (though not necessarily the most difficult) routes.

When I got to university, I joined a small (back then) climbing club called SAKWA which was active at the AGH University of Science and Technology. Immediately, I discovered a group of wonderful and highly motivated for climbing people who – similarly to me – were at that time discovering successive levels of climbing initiation. The energy surrounding us just exploded, pushing us to attempt more daring lines. Our ascents started to be noticed and appreciated by people from the outside. From an obscure club, full of hippies and mountain tourists, we turned into a cradle of climbing talents respected throughout Poland.   

Due to an injury, I had to give up sport climbing and headed towards the mountains where I could achieve my ambition of seeking adventures that I had dreamed about since the very beginning of my climbing path. Soon I discovered winter climbing and it turned out that I was pretty good at it. Thanks to thorough preparation in my beloved Tatra Mountains, I ended up in higher mountains, where I have continued to pursue my goals to this day.  

So far I have climbed in the Alps, Scottish Highlands and the mountains of Norway, Caucasus, Karakoram, the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas. In mountaineering, I appreciate freedom that is especially present during expeditions to wild and remote regions.

In the future, I’d like to establish new difficult lines on technically challenging peaks of the Himalayas and Karakoram.  

Wadim’s selected climbs:
✅  Pakistani Disco M6 WI4+ 800m - Trident Gunj-e-Sar 6150 m n.p.m. (Karakorum, Pakistan) - first ascent together with Michał Czech and Maciek Kimel
✅  Gangotri Gambling 6c+ M6 A0 – Turnia Sokoła 5602 m n.p.m. (Himalayas Garhwalu, India) – first ascent with Ondrej Huserka
✅  Peuterey Integrale (time: 29 h) together with Michał Czech (KW SAKWA, AGRESTteam)
✅  Superparanoja, Kazalnica 8- VIII 1xAF together with Michał Czech
✅  Winter chain climb of the Tatra Trylogy – three great northern faces: Mały Kieżmarski Szczyt, Ganek and Mięguszowiecki Szczyt Wielki. Climbed in 44h.
✅  Main Ridge of the Tatras – solo, practically completely on-sight and without depots. Time: 5.5 days.

Wadim climbs in the Tatras routes up to VIII (summer)and M8 (winter). His top level of sport climbing is 7b+.

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